Kotlin for Android 2 : Android Button


Today we will learn about Android TextView in Kotlin. This article includes 2 content : New Button programmatically Button OnClickListenner Dynamically change button background 1. New Button programmatically    In this articles, we will learn about create a Button programmatically and add the Button to a LinearLayout using Kotlin We create a new project Kotlin and follow 2 file. Android_main.xml...

Kotlin for Android 1 : Android TextView


Today we will learn about Android TextView in Kotlin. This article includes 2 content :

New TextView programmatically
TextView OnClickListenner

1. New TextView programmatically
In this article, we will create two TextView with two way:

Generate from XML
Creating a new TextView programmatically and add TextView to a LinearLayout in Kotlin Android

Awesome mobile collections (Updating…)


Today I will share solutions to some of the issues that I’ve encountered during my android application development. And it will always be updated every day. Android Studio Config color log in android studio Create live template Android Element Change font in Textview, Edittext easily – 1 Change font in Textview, Edittext easily – 2 Create Button auto generate XML – 1...

Android Interview Questions Collections – P1


Today I will share the basic knowledge that employers refer to using interviews (The answers  and new question will be updated constantly and hope to get your contributions in the comment section): Core Android How does the Android notification system work? How can two distinct Android apps interact? (several answers) Describe Activities. [info] What are the four states of the Activity Lifecycle...

Android Design Patterns: Singleton Pattern


In this post we are going to begin to learn about a very important concept in programming and its application in Android, it is the design pattern. What is the design pattern?     Design patterns represent the best practices used by experienced object-oriented software developers. Design patterns are solutions to general problems that software developers faced during software development. These...

Part 2: High-quality android code with analysis tools : Lint


Android Lint is a analysic tool to easily identify and correct problems with the structural quality of your code, without having to execute the app or write any test cases. This tool improves the accuracy, security, performance, usability, as well as simple source code making it easier for people to read your source code. So I want through this article to share with you how to use a tool that is...

Part 1: High-quality android code with analysis tools : CheckStyle


   Today we’ll learn about how to improve high-quality Android code in our projects using some code analysis tools for Java. For example : CheckStyle, FindBugs, PMD and Android Studio Lint – all of them free and open source. What are code analysis tools? There are tools that parse and analyze your soure code without executing it. It can help you find potential bugs, security errors. You can...

Android naming convention


Rules for naming functions, variables: similar Java Coding Convention
Rules for name XML file:
activity_<ACTIVITY NAME>.xml - for all activities
dialog_<DIALOG NAME>.xml - for all custom dialogs
row_<LIST_NAME>.xml - for custom row for listview
fragment_<FRAGMENT_NAME>.xml - for all fragments

Rules for naming components in xml files:

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